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Business transforms into digital business.
Digital transformation happens everywhere.
For digital transformed business, reliable IT services are essential for future success.

Reliable services are a must for digital business. But what, if your process is too complex to give it to some hyperscaler?
What, if you sourced your process out and it doesn't work as expected? What if you are skeptical if you can run your process in a standard commodity mode?
What, if we can provide a solution? Sustelligent IT Services are the answer for all the broken "one fits all" promises.

Sustelligent IT Services are the key for your success

Have you ever wondered why value based IT services are so often solely based on cost factor? Every day you can read in the press about failed IT sourcing projects that once promised maximized cost savings. When explaining these shortcomings, the most commonly, immediately recognizable causes are: underestimated complexity; fundamental culture and language conflicts; or unreliable services due to high staff fluctuation or under-skilled staff. But when looking deeper, all these causes are consequences of only one true root cause: the at one time promised maximized cost savings.

So, maximized cost savings is the KPI - but it is also the root cause of ill-fated sourcing projects. How does this make any sense?
Of course - costs do matter, so how can we do it better?

Welcome to Seven Principles Sustelligent IT Services

It may need a change of mind - but we at Seven Principles are willing to take a look at IT services as what they really are in todays world. Not just a commodity. They are the backbone for your digital business and a crucial differentiator in todays competitive business ecosystem.

Wouldn't it make sense to value IT services based on a cost versus quality ratio instead of solely costs?
With services that are as efficient as possible, using the latest AI-based technology, orchestrated by reliable teams that share your culture?
Tailored to your individual needs? That's exactly what Seven Principles Sustelligent IT Services stand for.

Nachhaltiger Erfolg

Services apart from commodity - tailored for your needs

Specialized services, tailored for your needs with â high expert level provide the solution for your discontent and add value to your business processes

European MSP for the European market

100% English language
80 % German language
20+ nationalities
Headquarter in Germany

Latest Technology

Improving efficiency with our Seven Principles AI based proactive operations optimizer

Reliable expert teams

450+ experts
600+ certifications
Continuous skill improvement and optimization process
5+ years average company affiliation
High efficient multidisciplinary agile teams


Service centers in the European Union in countries with best CPI rankings


Fulfilling most strict German data protection regulations
ISO 9001 certified
ISO 27001 certified
TISAX certified
Optional ISAE3402 reporting possible

Tailored approach

Our services are tailored to your specific requirements
Smooth experience due to stable relationships guaranteed by experienced and senior account managers.

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How Sustelligence enhances your IT Services

The next evolution of IT Services is here to tackle these issues: Seven Principles AI-based proactive operations optimizer

We stand for sustelligent IT services

We enable you for your sustelligent journey – personally and at any time.

Reiner Moser
Reiner Moser

Managing Director

Tobias Thestorf
Tobias Thestorf

Unit Lead Sustelligent IT Services