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The mobility transition presents significant challenges for planners and designers of urban spaces. To ensure long-term reliable, efficient, comfortable, sustainable and liveable mobility, transport planning and inner-city logistics need to be reimagined.

Meeting these demands and shaping tomorrow's urban mobility requires innovative and forward-looking digital tools that cater to these specific needs.

With strazoon, we offer you urban mobility solutions that support you in the planning and design of inner-city mobility and logistics. Our innovative solutions enable you to make data- and evidence-based decisions for the future.

urban spaces.


Suitable solutions to meet your individual challenges

Data- & evidence-based decision-making processes. Transparent, cost-effective and without the need for extensive prior knowledge.

Models, scenarios and investigations at your fingertips. Based on open data and intuitive user guidance.

Innovative methods for micro-analytical traffic monitoring and modeling

Supporting services and features for all those who want to take transport and mobility of the future to the next level.

Logistics service provider
Digital solutions for smart delivery and loading zones, as well as cargo bike delivery tools, ensuring seamless coordination among dispatchers, couriers, recipients and senders.

All other enthusiasts
Designers, visionaries and enthusiasts -  We are looking forward to the exchange of views and ideas.


strazoon Urban Mobility Solutions

Let's change the way we think and design urban mobility and logistics together

strazoon Planning Solutions

We transform structural, traffic, and population data into multi-modal and microscopic traffic models at a click of a mouse. This creates the basis for data- and evidence-based urban and transport planning in a fraction of the time and cost previously required.

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strazoon Data & Insights Solutions

New technologies are changing mobility and influencing everyone's behaviour on the road. With detailed analyses of the interactive behaviour of all road users, we help you to develop forward-looking mobility concepts.

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strazoon Logistics Solutions

Digital companions for all those who want to revolutionise urban logistics transport. Smart applications for future-proof urban logistics as well as simple and seamless interaction between dispatchers, couriers, consignees and shippers.

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strazoon solutions provide you with data- and evidence-based decision-making tools for your project plans

Rethinking mobility and logistics.

We offer assistance in the form of innovative digital solutions.

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