Our corporate culture
has evolved continuously
over the years

It reflects the beliefs and attitudes brought to the table by all our employees. This shared set of values forms the foundation of our positive work environment, where personal development and collaboration thrive. It strengthens the commitment and motivation of our teams to achieve our common goals and achieve sustainable success.

Our employees
take centre stage

We have developed a special work culture that consists of a large number of building blocks. At the same time, these building blocks represent the values according to which we organise and live our internal cooperation as well as our relationships with our customers.

We accept responsibility and make bold decisions.

Time and prioritisation
We consciously take time for what is really important and prioritise accordingly.

Challenges and development
We offer exciting challenges and promote individual development at the same time.

Confidence and competencies
In our team, we value each other and have confidence in the abilities of our colleagues.

Authenticity is important to us, which is why we often step out of our comfort zone to be honest and open with each other.

Innovation and solutions
We think and act innovatively by frequently questioning the status quo and looking for new solutions.

Flexible work arrangements and flat hierarchies
We offer flexible work arrangements and flat hierarchies, while providing support when needed.

Professionalism and enjoyment
At work, we not only maintain a professional environment but also find joy and satisfaction in what we do.


We are proud to announce that in 2023, we have once again been recognised as the "TOP Company".


working environment

for our employees



Diversity and Inclusion

Only a diverse team can contribute the ideas, perspectives and experience with which we can successfully master the challenges of the future. To this end, we offer all our employees the same opportunities to develop their talents and skills.


Healthy employees who feel comfortable at work and in their private lives tend to be more motivated, productive, and satisfied. We promote a healthy work-life balance by enabling flexible working hours and locations, offering family-friendly working hours, as well as supporting time donations and flexible holidays. In addition, we create opportunities for collective sports and exchanges.

Development and training

Our employees can reach their full potential, be motivated, and find satisfaction when they can continuously develop. This is why we invest in their development by providing regular training. In addition, our people managers actively accompany them in their career development and support them in achieving their goals.

Leadership and communication

Modern leadership and communication form the foundation for a positive working environment in which our employees feel valued and can openly share their ideas and concerns. This helps to promote their well-being, motivation and commitment to the company and teams.

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