Transparency and integrity
are our guiding principles

We highly value structures that support compliance.

Our business partners can rely on Seven Principles Mobility GmbH as a partner that acts in compliance with applicable laws. Fair treatment of all our business partners, employees and third parties is at the core of our work. This also includes promoting an ethical and equitable corporate culture and a strict separation between private and business interests.

Standards for a 
basis of trust

The training and education of our employees plays an important role in ensuring our high level of compliance at all times. 

We have also appointed a compliance manager, regularly raise awareness among our employees through online training, provide specific instructions through a compliance policy, and have established a reporting process for violations.

These are our certificates

As a medium-sized company, we are highly adaptable and capable of aligning our processes with the strictest compliance requirements. We operate in accordance with ISO standards and are supported by automated testing and audits. We are certified, established, and audited to ISO 9001, 27001, and ISAE standards. In addition, we voluntarily comply, for example, with the banking supervisory requirements for IT under the Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk) / Supervisory Requirements for IT in Financial Institutions (BAIT) and offer reporting prepared by auditing firms in accordance with the ISAE 3402 standard.

Excerpt from our
Code of Conduct of the Seven Principles Group

We embrace a culture of responsibility and ethical conduct, which is why we are committed to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Seven Principles Group. This binding guideline provides us with clear direction in our daily work and ensures that we always act in compliance with laws and ethical standards.

For us, this is more than just a set of rules - it is the basis for long-term success and sustainable relationships with colleagues, business partners and the public.

Excerpt from the Code of Conduct of the Seven Principles Group:

  • A shared understanding of socially responsible corporate governance.
  • This means 7P assumes responsibility by bearing in mind the consequences of its business decisions and actions on economic, technological, social and environmental levels and by achieving an appropriate balance of interests.

  • In order to meet our social responsibility, it is particularly important that we all know the laws and regulations relevant to our work and take personal responsibility for compliance with them in our own working environment.

  • Our managers have a special role model function. Their task is to exemplify our corporate culture and embody our values. It is the responsibility of the managers to take action against any conduct that is not in accordance with laws and guidelines as well as the specifications and basic values of 7P.

  • All employees have the opportunity to raise issues without fear and concern of reprisals. Both their managers and the Compliance Manager are available to them as trusted contacts.

  • 7P is committed to promote human rights. It respects human rights stated in the Charter of the United Nations (General explanation of human rights, UN Resolution 217 A (III) from 1948) and Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union, especially those named in the following:

    • Privacy

    • Health and safety

    • Employee protection against bodily punishment and against physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

    • Protection against discrimination based in particular on sex, race, color, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, membership of a national minority, property, birth or other status. 7P explicitly supports LGBTQIA+ equality.

    • Protection and guarantee of the right to freedom of conscience and freedom of speech.

OurCode of Conduct

Click here to download the Code of Conduct of the Seven Principles Group:

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