Digitalisation requires a shift in thinkingincluding in IT operations

IT landscapes have evolved over time, encompassing a multitude of new technologies, systems, and applications closely intertwined with the existing "legacy" world, creating a complex ecosystem. The scarcity of resources, cost pressures and the quest for efficiency and automation pose additional challenges. 
Our customers from industries such as banking, insurance and public services also face the task of meeting regulated risk management and cyber security requirements. This raises not only questions about how these requirements should be implemented, but also how this can be achieved in an operationally effective and cost-efficient manner.

Successful outsourcing of IT services
with the right partner

Engaging an IT service provider has proven to be a reliable solution to meeting these multiple challenges. However, the outsourcing of IT services in an increasingly complex environment requires special care. 
Our strenght lies in providing customised IT managed services that are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers in regulated and complex environments. For us, tailor-made means that we integrate seamlessly into our customers' organisation, provide individual IT services or take over the entire IT operation. On request, we use the systems, tools and processes of our customers and work together to increase the maturity level of the processes and systems. 

Our approach is both collaborative and hands-on, which is demonstrated by our ability to carry out modernisation projects during ongoing operations. The focus of these modernisation projects can be, for example, on process optimisation within the meaning of the Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk), BAIT (Supervisory Requirements for IT in Financial Institutions) or VAIT (Supervisory Requirements for IT in Insurance Undertakings), or on the modernisation of IT operations in preparation for the EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). 

How you benefit from outsourcing IT services

Practical toolkit
We are familiar with regulatory requirements and bring along best practices as well as a comprehensive toolkit of processes and methods. Together, we set up an integrated service organisation that is tailored to your needs. 

Complex process and system environments 
In the case of non-standardised requirements in historically grown process and system environments, we offer special support that many hyperscalers cannot provide. 

Partnership and KPI reporting
In close coordination with you, we establish KPI reporting and quality management that not only conveys a good feeling, but also delivers demonstrably high quality. 

Data protection, quality and awareness
You'll get IT services for tasks that weren't previously outsourced due to concerns about information privacy and security, quality, or sensitivity. 

We put together service and project teams for you to ensure stability so that you don't have constantly changing contact persons.

Zero Trust Architectures 
We support you in the implementation of Zero Trust architectures and other demanding IT tasks.

We combine many years of expercience with passion for complex topics

_ 450+ experts
600+ certificates
Continuous training and further education of our service experts
5+ years average length of service 
Highly efficient, multidisciplinary and agile teams 
Highest level of compliance


Service in compliance with strict german and international legal requirements

_ certified to ISO 9001
_ certified to ISO 27001
_ certified to TISAX
_ ISAE3402 reporting possible 
_ international presence


Our locations in Europe enable us to set up suitable service teams for you 

local contracts
7 locations in Germany
4 locations in other European countries 
Models with nearshore options 

We work with the following customers:

Our approach as your
managed service partner

Preparation and concept:

We understand that a successful cooperation is based on trust and practical experience. A long-term partnership and a tailor-made service organisation for you are close to our hearts. For this purpose we offer two parallel paths: 
1. Start Small: We start early and operationally with a reduced setup, which we scale together with you. This can include support from individual experts in your existing teams or the adoption of a single service. Through this cooperation, we gain experience on both sides, get to know each other and put together a suitable service package for you. 

2. Workshops: In workshops, we get to know your organisation better, understand your short-term and strategic goals as well as challenges and peculiarities. Based on this, we develop an individual model for cooperation that can be implemented in a timely manner and is scalable at the same time. Of course, our many years of experience are incorporated and we use proven templates and examples. 



With our services and consulting services, we fit seamlessly into your existing organisation and processes. Thanks to our hands-on mentality, you will experience recognisable added value from day one. In addition to the service business, we can also assist you with the modernisation of process and system landscapes to facilitate comprehensive optimisation

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Operation and optimisation

A security review is pending? No problem.  
Are your needs changing? We adapt flexibly to your needs.  
Continuous improvement and automation of services and processes with AIOps? No problem.  
Support for transformations? This is what we are here for. 

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Our managed service portfolio

  • For standard products (SAP, databases, Atlassian, OpenText, Service Automation X, etc.) 
  • For complex and demanding solutions (e.g., in-house developments, historically grown environments) 
  • Maintenance, operation, monitoring, patching, upgrades, troubleshooting, incident, problem and standard request solutions 
  • Continuous automation and optimisation:
    7P product "AIOps" - platform for monitoring, analysis and ML components to increase operational efficiency 

  • Setup and operation of OpenShift / Rancher / Kubernetes (K8s)  
  • Self-services, automated provisioning 
  • Development and operation of DevOps toolchains and the system components required for them:
    Jira, Confluence, GitHub, Artifactory/XRay, OpenShift platform, Teamscale, Ansible 

  • Consulting, conception, definition, implementation and integration of SACM into the existing IT Service Management (ITSM) process and system landscape incl. 7P Best Practices  
  • Provision, installation, customizing and operation of the ITSM solution, e.g. Service Management Automation X (SMAX)
  • Setting up and integrating a Configuration Management Database (CMDB)  
  • Creation and integration of discovery procedures  
  • Operation of the ITSM ToolSuite including CMDB  

  • 1:1 migration in VMs  
  • Transfer VMs to dedicated instances (e.g. EC2)  
  • Moving into containers  
  • Split containers, make applications scalable 

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