Empowering digital transformation through sustainable software development

Digital transformation requires continuous development. To implement this transformation sustainably you need intelligent tools and experts with proven experience. We offer extensive support along the entire journey to turn your vision into reality.

Our goal is to create sustainable solutions – sustainable for our future and for your company. We understand that strong engagement from all participants and users is key to success. This is why we rely on close and trusting cooperations and regard all stakeholders to be active participants in the process. 

Sustainable solutions for the future and for your company

At the beginning

Are you at the beginning of your journey into digital transformation and aware of the limitations of your current process landscape? Take the next step towards sustainable digitalisation with us.

Advanced digital transformation

Have you already successfully digitalised your business processes, but you want to fully leverage your potential and secure the necessary competitive advantage? Then it is time to embark on the journey into the digital future together with us.

Work digital. Think sustelligent.

Digital, sustainable, intelligent: With this approach, we offer you industry-independent, cross-technology and individually scalable solutions for complex environments with constantly changing requirements and a large number of stakeholders.

We work with the following customers:

Our approach

We offer you a holistic process that ranges from the idea and development to roll-out and subsequent maintenance. Our goal is to offer sustainable solutions that are tailored to meet your individual requirements. We work closely with you to continuously develop your specific use case. This will result in intelligent solutions that are user-friendly and will be positively received by your users.

From the idea to implementation

To get you started: Problem-Vision-Solution Design Workshop

To advance your project in the best possible way, we offer you our Problem-Vision-Solution Design Workshop. This workshop is part of the initial phase during which we get to know your company and jointly analyse your challenges.

We develop a clear vision, drawing on our expertise in the design thinking process. With this approach, we take your project to the next level.

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The next step: Solution concept

In this step we develop prototypes and engage in-depth with the minimum viable product (MVP). We use modern technologies and methods, especially agile software development in cross-functional teams.

We attach great importance to a user-friendly UI design and a positive user experience in UX design. At the same time, we use innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cloud solutions.

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Benefit from our skills

Mobile & web Apps
They represent intelligent digitalisation – the optimal interface to efficiently complete all pending tasks on site.

Augmented Reality
It enables efficient and professional work by providing support for tasks that require explanation.

Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent processes require quick and proactive decision-making. Strategic use of artificial intelligence assists in tackling complex challenges.

IoT Integration
An comprehensive Internet of Things solution works only when all digital and physical components are seamlessly integrated into the process – readily available and portable.

Cloud Services
Offering maximum scalability and minimal time-to-market, they provide a flexible solution deployment and ensure efficient project execution.

Video communication
Personal advice is still important even in the age of digital processes and products. With the help of video assistants, it can be seamlessly integrated into all mobile and web apps.

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