Sustainability is team effort

When defining the concept of sustainability, traditionally the economic, ecological, and social actions of a company take center stage. At Seven Principles Mobility GmbH we have added a fourth to the Triple Bottom Line: cooperation. We can only achieve our defined goals if we work together within our teams and with our customers.

Our dimensions of sustainability

If we keep an eye on our common goals, trust each other and act responsibly, we will create something impactful– this is when we deliver sustainable change.

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Partnership and collaboration between equals are at the core of everything we do – both within our teams and with our customers.

In addition to responsible resource management, it is our self-imposed mission to develop solutions that promote greater sustainability in our customers' businesses as well as our own.

Social responsibility
Social justice and equal opportunities are an important part of our corporate culture, which we commit to through our Code of Conduct

Our corporate goal is sustainable growth while always keeping the well-being of society and the environment in mind.

Spotlight on the future

When designing our projects and solutions, we always think about future developments and deliberately use all available resources.

Our goal extends beyond mere economic success - we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people by developing more environmentally friendly alternatives for our customers, for example.

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How we work

Sustainability through technology and agility

To make our work more efficient, we rely on modern technologies such as AI-based monitoring or cloud-native solutions. This allows us to save costs and conserve valuable resources. Our solutions are also sustainable because they are easy to maintain and modularly reusable.

In almost all projects, we use open source stacks, avoiding vendor lock-ins or extended licensing costs. At the same time, we work in an agile manner with a short time-to-market and use methods such as SCRUM or Kanban to deliver immediate benefits and facilitate shorter feedback loops. Our systems are designed to be efficient, reducing CPU, RAM, and power consumption, while conserving cloud resources.

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Software Development

Managed Services

Spotlight on the environment

We embrace mobility, but we are always mindful of making our journeys efficient and environmentally friendly. Our mobile working solutions help to minimise unnecessary environmental impacts. we promote the eco-friendly mobility of our employees by offering options such as the Jobrad bike leasing scheme or the Deutschlandticket (public transport ticket valid for the whole of Germany).
With our Urban Mobility Solutions, we actively support the mobility transition, which poses major challenges for planners and designers. The objective is to create liveable urban spaces in the future that rely on efficient, sustainable, and comfortable forms of mobility and logistics. To address these challenges, innovative tools are needed that break with conventional ways of thinking and working. This is precisely where our strazoon solutions come in, enabling us to make a valuable contribution to the mobility of the future.

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Spotlighton technology

  • We stand for software solutions that provide long-term benefits to our customers while adapting to current developments and requirements. 
  • With a strong foundational quality based on our in-house expertise, we offer a sustainable solution with dependable flexibility, without compromising on performance or user-friendliness.
  • Modern tools and methods make it possible to establish a high degree of adaptability from the outset. 
  • Acting responsibly and using resources sustainably are fundamental to the success of software development.

on equal opportunities

Our success is built upon the strong cooperation within our team, starting from day one. Our mentoring programmes facilitate the onboarding of every new team member, while also supporting all employees along their individual career paths. Equality of opportunity and fairness are fundamental principles in this process.

To address the individual needs of our employees and customers, we rely on agile workflows and flexible working hours. Our working environment is characterised by a healthy feedback and error culture.

Through regular events such as the Mapathon, we foster internal cohesion while also making a positive contribution to society.

Our Culture

on cohesion

We place great importance on establishing long-term partnerships with our customers. This is why we make sure that our highly skilled experts collaborate in high-performing and stable teams, with the points of contact remaining the same over time. As a partner and service provider, we help our customers achieve their goals and work closely together to achieve them. Tailor-made solutions as well as continuously adapted strategies and procedures are our path to successful and long-term partnerships.

part of the team

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